Las Casa De Luna & La Casa De La Estrella

Las Casa De Luna & La Casa De La Estrella


Fast Facts

  • 3462 & 3480 3rd Avenue Bronx, NY 
  • Completed: 3462: September 2010 / 3480 March 2011
  • Developer: 3462 3rd Avenue Owner Reality LLC.
  • Architect: Atelier 22



  • 2011 Queens Bronx Building Association Building Award for Excellence in Design and Construction

La Casa De Luna is an 11-story, 114-unit apartment complex. La Casa De La Estrella is a 12-story, 113-unit complex. Both are new structural steel and concrete block and plank structures, created as affordable housing for individuals and families in the Bronx. Both buildings feature partial underground parking, rooftop terraces, and commercial space. They include Energy Star appliances in each apartment, and COGEN microturbine boilers.